Visiting the capital of the Republic of Moldova

On May 22, Mykola Skrypkovskiy, Honorary Consul of the Republic of Moldova in Khmelnytsky, arrived in Chisinau, the capital of the Republic of Moldova, its major city, economic and cultural center.

This day of his visit was devoted to touring the sights and cultural attractions of the friendly country.

Mr. Skrypkovskiy visited the Cathedral of the Nativity, the Church of the Intercession, the Catholic Cathedral of Divine Providence and the Armenian Church of the Holy Virgin. After that he admired the Triumphal Arch and the Water Tower. He also visited the Valley of Roses and the Arboretum, enjoyed local street art (Wall of Glory mural, Paradise of Flowers 3D graffiti, Gulliver and Self-Portrait graffiti).

Moldova has always been intimately associated with wine, so being in this country, it is impossible not to take a tour of the much talked about underground wine town – the pearl of Moldovan winemaking.

Cricova cellars are former mines of building stone, which appeared as a result of the historical mining activity of these places. Numerous buildings of Cricova, Chisinau, Balti and other cities of the Republic of Moldova were built from the limestone mined here. Some branches of the excavations are still working, so this huge underground city continues to grow. The factory was founded by the famous Soviet winemaker Peter Unguryan in 1952. For the claimed 120 kilometers of underground corridors and tunnels, there are only three prepared for the tourist route, while the others are workshops, production facilities, etc. Cricova is an underground city with its own avenues and streets, which are named after the brands of wines stored in the alcove of the street: Cabernet, Riesling, Feteasca, Aligote, Sauvignon and Dionysus.

Mr. Skrypkovskiy paid special attention to the exhibition of wine development. There are numerous exhibits in the museum, telling about the history of viticulture and winemaking.

The guest also visited the tasting rooms of Cricova, united in a single complex and unique located under the ground.

This is not the first visit of the Honorary Consul to the Republic of Moldova. It is necessary to mention that each trip gives new impressions and discoveries, because Moldova is able to surprise.

The Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Moldova in Khmelnytsky is always ready to assist citizens of Ukraine in the organization of tourist trips to this country with a rich cultural heritage.