Three months of War

After three months of full-scale war, Ukraine has demonstrated to the world an unprecedented example of heroism, indestructibility and unity.

During these three months, the Ukrainian Armed Forces forced retreat of the “second world army” in several areas, notably near Kyiv. But the East and South are gripped by intense fighting – there the occupiers continue to advance.

By killing Ukrainian civilians and destroying Ukrainian cities, russia has shown what it really wants and can bring to Europe.

In three months russian troops have used a lot of rockets, aerial bombs, artillery against us. They tortured, robbed, shot. They mined our land. They turned peaceful towns and villages into hell. Some of the Ukrainian towns and communities were destroyed right to the rocks. But they never accomplished anything.

Ukraine is investigating about 13,000 cases of russian war crimes.

Law enforcers have a list of about 600 people who may be involved in these crimes.

In the temporarily occupied territories, russia seeks to organize a pseudo-referendum, and in response receives pro-Ukrainian rallies of local residents.

Nowhere have the russian military seen even a crumb of the support they so hoped for. But they saw that it’s a completely different state. They saw that there are very different people here. People who are confident in themselves. Who believe in their country. Who knows how to respect others because they respect themselves. Who don’t want someone else’s, but who won’t give up anything of their own. Who will defend every city, every street, every field.

Ukrainian men and women have shown a truly massive willingness to defend their land. At every age, in every property status, in every education – they came out in defense of the country. This war is truly a People’ War for Ukraine. And it showed that all over our territory – from east to west, from north to south – the Ukrainian idea is still strong, still nationwide.

The attention of Ukrainians is still riveted to the heroic defenders of Mariupol. We believe that our indestructible titans will return alive.

In three months, a global anti-war coalition has been created. Several sanctions packages have already been imposed against russia, and Ukraine is receiving aid from dozens of countries – support with weapons, finances, necessary goods, political and diplomatic support directly.

Even now, while the war is still going on, the authorities are creating the necessary basis for the reconstruction of Ukraine. This is a lend-lease agreement, international agreements of various levels, and the creation of special funds for the restoration of the state.

Obviously, everyone in Ukraine is concerned about peace. There is both a simple answer to this question and no simple answer. When there will be victory, everyone will feel it. When peace comes, everyone will see it. But to make it happen-and happen faster-we must act! Ukraine is ready for peace. But for russia to seek peace, every Ukrainian must fight.

Together we will win!