Saint Valentine's Day

Every year, on February 14, the world celebrates one of the most romantic holidays – Valentine’s Day. At this time, lovers from all over the world not only exchange gifts, hugs and joyful emotions, but also express their gratitude to Saint Valentine and ask him to protect their relationship.

A holiday of love, tenderness and true feelings.

Attitudes to Valentine’s Day vary. Some are sure that it is strange to designate a single day for true love, some simply perceive Valentine’s Day as another reason for entertainment, and some are really waiting for a miracle from the saint.

There is very little information about Valentine, who gave the name to the holiday. At that time, the Roman Empire was ruled by Emperor Claudius II, who was remembered for his respect for the military prowess of the Roman legions and, on the other hand, his hostility towards Christians. To maintain morale, the emperor issued an order prohibiting legionnaires from marrying. This was explained by the fact that married men devote too much time and attention to the family and are not at all occupied with thoughts about the welfare of the empire.

Secretly, in order not to incur the wrath of the emperor, one young Christian priest continued to crown legionaries in love. His name was Valentin. According to some information, his patronage was even wider – he reconciled those who were in a quarrel, wrote love letters on behalf of sick legionnaires, gave newlyweds bouquets of flowers.

Well, no matter how many legends there are, on this day we want good news, happy faces, joyful hugs, family reunions and peaceful meetings, children’s ringing laughter and the fulfillment of such dreamy wishes.

With unbreakable faith in our hearts, day by day we are getting closer and closer to victory, thank you, support and help!

Everything will be Ukraine!


Герб Молдови

Honorary Сonsul of the Republic of Moldova
Mykola Skrypkovskyi