Moldova's capital Chisinau celebrates the 586th anniversary

On October 14 the capital of Moldova – Chisinau celebrated its 586th anniversary. City Day is not just a mark in a calendar. It is a new chapter in its history.

Age only adds to the charm of Chisinau. It has become more dignified, wiser and beautiful in one year. There are great perspectives and high hopes; each alleyway has a legend and every brick tells a story. Chisinau has its own rhythm and style. A green city with a wine flavor.

The capital of Moldova is picturesque, multifaceted and contrasting. As deep and vibrant as the river upon it stands. Having a glorious history, but at the same time young and progressive.

But the great thing about Chisinau is you can constantly hear its heartbeat. Charging heartbeat.

The capital of Moldova is a special place. It seems there is no person who would not find something unique here.

Chisinau is not only architectural sights, ancient houses, charming squares and cozy cafes. First of all, it is people. Creative, ambitious, hardworking, and hospitable. People, who every day wake up in the city they sincerely love. Discovering it again and again. Taking care of its beauty and comfort. They study and work. Fall in love and have a rest. Each day creates their own history here.

Peace, prosperity and new achievements to all of you!

Happy Birthday, Chisinau, the City of Happy People!

Let every minute of your present be evenly divided into conclusions of the past, purpose of the future, and labor here and now.

Live and prosper!


Герб Молдови

Honorary consul of the Republic of Moldova
Mykola Skrypkovskyi