International Volunteer Day

On December 5 for more than thirty years the world community celebrates the International Volunteer Day – the holiday belonging to everyone who by the call of his heart and soul strengthens the human faith in the ideals of goodness and justice with his disinterested acts.

Volunteers as a part of civil society have always been a unifying force on the way to democracy, freedom and European future in Ukraine.

During the Revolution of Dignity and Russian aggression in the East of our country, the volunteer movement became a model of unity in Ukrainian society, its maturity and self-organization. During these difficult years for Ukraine, the volunteer community surprised the world with its passionate devotion to the country, boundless courage, and inexhaustible patriotism.

Understanding the level of responsibility for the fate of the state and its future, volunteers helped the Ukrainian army with their sacrificial daily work and became a reliable rear for the soldiers.

Today the entire country volunteers. Volunteers not only help during the war, but also save lives. They work in various directions: help the army, work with resettlers, fundraising and informational support. Every front is important in its own way, because Victory is forged not only on the front lines, but also on the rear.

I bow before you all for the best displays of human character and unique virtues, for your active civic position and sincere aspiration to help and fight.

I wish you Victory, peace, optimism, health and endless energy!


Герб Молдови

Honorary consul of the Republic of Moldova
Mykola Skrypkovskyi