Happy Ukrainian Liberation Day from the Nazi invaders!

Today we celebrate a special day for Ukraine. For each of its regions, cities, villages, streets, yards, and homes. Special for every family in every corner of the Ukrainian land. This is the day when it stopped being disfigured, maimed and mutilated by Nazi bombs and shells, the tracks of Nazi tanks, the marks of Nazi boots. This is October 28. The day of Nazi occupants expulsion from Ukraine.

This day was a milestone on the way to the final victory of the anti-Hitler coalition in World War II. A whole generation of Ukrainian heroes came out of that war hellfire, and today is a great opportunity to remember, thank and worship all of them. To the soldiers and officers, partisans and underground fighters, participants in the national liberation movement and resistance, civilians, adults and children, young people and elderly people – to everyone who selflessly fought the enemy at the front and at the rear.

Now we are faced with a new tragic reality. For a long time Ukrainians have had to defend their country, with weapons in their hands, against the Russian Nazis, who unleashed a bloody war and total genocide.

Thanks to national unity, solidarity of the international community, patriotism and consolidation of the entire society it was possible to stop the horde of invaders. During the difficult and exhausting battles a new Ukrainian army was born. It is strong not only in weapons and talent, but also in a powerful patriotic spirit. The phrase ” defender of the Motherland” is no longer an abstract ritual expression. It is filled with specific content. Courage and heroism, valor and self-sacrifice, desperation and fighting brotherhood our soldiers demonstrate every day, every hour, every moment. The truth about their victory will be engraved in golden letters into Ukrainian military history.

The AFU are worthy heirs to the battle glory of the victors of Nazism.

Thank you to all veterans of the Second World War, participants of the liberation struggle, modern heroes-titans for their self-sacrifice and love for the Motherland.

I am convinced that the Ukrainian people, who are rightfully proud of you and your exploits, will win.

Honor and glory to you! Glory to Ukraine!


Герб Молдови

Honorary consul of the Republic of Moldova
Mykola Skrypkovskyi