Happy Ukrainian Artist's Day!

I congratulate the Ukrainian art community on the Artist’s Day!

Being an artist is not only a profession, but also a vocation.

You can master the theory of color, learn different techniques, study the history of world art masterpieces, but you can’t become a true artist without a desire to create. He has a special perception of reality, the ability to get inspiration in details unnoticed by others, to transform thought flashes and shades of feelings into artworks.

To be a Ukrainian artist in 2022 means to create in the time of alarm, to paint in an air-raid shelter, to see colors in every gray day. To pack paints and brushes in a suitcase instead of warm clothes, to be inspired by yellow and blue, to look for paint “made in Ukraine” in London or Prague, because it is more than paint.

To be a Ukrainian artist in 2022 – to have a brave heart, to lose and find, to feel deeply, to say goodbye and enjoy every meeting, to remember everything, to rethink, to put down your hands only to take up your brush, and – to speak, write, pronounce in colors so brightly for the whole world to hear and see.

I congratulate all artists on their professional holiday!

Thank you for your productive creative work and tireless search for beauty. I wish to create with enthusiasm and inspiration. Let’s hold the line and support each other.

Together to Victory!


Герб Молдови

Honorary consul of the Republic of Moldova
Mykola Skrypkovskyi