Happy Son's Day!

November 22 is Son’s Day. To have a son is a great happiness. And to congratulate someone on acquiring this happiness is always a very joyful thing.

Son’s Day is one more opportunity to make a gift to young and adult men, a chance to say once again about your love and support, to let him feel a warm family coziness. It is a holiday of sincere pride in your son, a holiday of joy and hopes for his fortunate future.

Today I congratulate men of all ages, all professions, at the front and at the rear, in Ukraine and abroad. Because each of you, first of all, is a son. I wish everyone success and encouragement, grow up, mature, achieve your goals, so that your parents can always be proud of you. Today remember the people who gave you life and raised you to be a man. Call, visit, hug.

I congratulate my son, my most precious treasure and my light. He is a little man. Always standing up for justice. Protects his mom when he thinks there are dangers. There is something about him that many adults lack. I really like his mentality and determination. He lives by actions, not words. He makes decisions quickly.
He is the pride of our family.

Today I want to wish my son good health, because there is no happiness for parents more than when their children, especially at his age, are healthy. And also grow up to be a strong and sensible man.

Today I also sent my congratulations to parents.
Everything we do is for our children. They are extensions of ourselves. Parents’ unconditional love, acceptance and protection help kids reach their potential and become successful adults.

Let’s be superheroes for our children! And it doesn’t necessarily require the ability to fly or walk through walls. Our superpowers can be decency and honesty, respect and tolerance, kind words and good deeds. Make more time for your children. Make their dreams come true. Sometimes it’s so easy.


Герб Молдови

Honorary consul of the Republic of Moldova
Mykola Skrypkovskyi