Happy Knowledge Day!

Dear first graders, pupils and students, honored teachers and parents!

Congratulations on the Day of Knowledge, September 1!

Knowledge Day is a holiday for everyone who studies and teaches, who sends to school and meets from there, who daily drives a school bus, who encourages creativity and sports achievements, who helps to understand simple and eternal truths, due to which a child forms a personality.

This day will always be sunny and joyful, the most anticipated holiday for those who first crossed a school threshold or classroom – first graders and first year students.

It is a holiday for those who will once again sit down at their desks and take another step down the long, but so fascinating and truly endless road of knowledge.

The war has inflicted deep wounds all over Ukraine, and the educational sector is no exception. Destroyed schools and universities, entire regions cannot resume education even remotely. Millions of people, among them children and teachers, have been forced from their homes. But I am confident in our Victory. We will rebuild educational institutions. We will do everything to bring the complete educational process back to a free and peaceful Ukraine.

To everyone who is now starting full-time or distance learning, I wish not to be afraid of making mistakes, not to stop halfway, and let your school and university years be full of discoveries, achievements and victories. Believe in yourself, set yourself the most ambitious goals, and you are sure to achieve them.

The future of the country, its independence, sovereignty, economic strength and investment attractiveness, without exaggeration, depends on your diligence, thirst for knowledge, and conscientiousness. Therefore always remember that you are Ukraine’s most valuable treasure, and its main potential!

The quality of education, which our children receive, is determined by professionalism and hard work of teachers. Teacher carries out daily, sometimes unappreciated, but painstaking, hard and extremely necessary work. Teachers put their heart and soul into their students by giving their knowledge.

Thanks to everyone who enters kindergarten class, classroom, circle or section every day, teaching online or offline, thanks for their patience, caring and desire to make education high quality and accessible to every child, interesting and necessary for the young generation!

I am grateful to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who have become a strong shield for us! Precisely thanks to the brave defenders our children will start studying in this difficult time.

I wish you good health, peace, harmony and inexhaustible enthusiasm to develop and change our Motherland for the better!

Good luck! Happy holiday!


Герб Молдови

Honorary consul of the Republic of Moldova
Mykola Skrypkovskyi