Happy Healthcare Provider's Day!

Helping people is a very noble cause. And the medical profession is the most humane, because it is called to stand on guard of life. Medical professionals give health, save from diseases, so their role for many people is associated with trust and protection. Doctors are said to be mediators between a man and God. Often a healthcare provider is the last resort for a patient. The Hippocratic Oath encourages men in white coats to overcome all emotions and personal adversity in order to fulfill their duty. A doctor often heals not only a person’s body, but also his soul, instilling faith and hope in his heart. And that cannot fail to be appreciated by those to whom medics give the joy of recovery or improve the quality of health and life.

Medical profession at all times has been perhaps the most necessary, because it depends on doctors to maintain the nation’s health, and the development of a harmonious society. The role of medical workers is especially important during wars and emergencies, when professional activity borders on self-sacrifice. Because of the Russian-Ukrainian war, our medics have to work in combat conditions, endangering not only their own safety, but often even their lives. There are a number of indisputable facts about numerous gross violations of international humanitarian law, in particular the Geneva Convention, against medical workers. In spite of this, doctors give their best, often risking their lives, to provide the necessary care to all those in need.

I would like to thank every medic, especially those who at this difficult time for the country stand guard over the lives of patients in Kharkiv and Mykolaiv hospitals, the doctors on duty in Kherson and Odesa ambulances, the doctors who save people in Kyiv and Zaporizhzhia, those who selflessly and tirelessly work in Eastern Ukraine.

I thank those who pull the wounded out of death’s claws, who save people under fire, in basements and bomb shelters, by day and by night.

My thanks to all medical professionals in Ukraine and abroad for saving military and civilian lives without exception.

I wish you wisdom, fortitude, inspiration, professional growth, good health, family comfort and peace.


Герб Молдови

Honorary consul of the Republic of Moldova
Mykola Skrypkovskyi