Dignity and Freedom Day

On November 21, Ukraine celebrates Dignity and Freedom Day. This date was chosen precisely because it is associated with the beginning of the two revolutions, 2004 and 2013-14.

In the pages of our state’s recent history, Ukrainians have chronicled two Maidans, and twice have asserted the right to European choice, their freedom and dignity.

Nine years ago, in the fall of 2013, there were events that led to stunning changes not only in Ukrainians’ worldview in defending our state’s course toward European and Euro-Atlantic integration. Ukraine changed the world’s attitude to usurpation of power, political corruption and the role of the Russian Federation in destabilizing both the European continent and other parts of the world.

The freedom-loving and spiritually strong Ukrainian people, our entire multi-ethnic community of Ukrainian citizens, said no. The lessons of 20th century history were enough to understand that mentally and spiritually we are Europeans and we are not going the way with the Russian empire and attempts of its reincarnation.

People came out to the Maidan, where the concept of “sovereign and independent Ukraine” acquired new meaning and sound, and the words “dignity” and “freedom” became an inalienable and precious gift for Ukrainians.

Today we defend our freedom and dignity with weapons in our hands.

We are free to create our own future. And we should be proud of it. We have paid and continue to pay a high price for freedom. And we will never forget all those who died for Ukraine.

We are wonderful, strong, brave, intelligent, talented people. Invincible.
We were born to be free.

Congratulations on Dignity and Freedom Day.

Glory to Ukraine!


Герб Молдови

Honorary consul of the Republic of Moldova
Mykola Skrypkovskyi