Congratulations on Father's Day!

On June 19, Father’s Day is celebrated in Ukraine.

Family holidays are always special. With the war, we began to appreciate the days we could spend in our family circle.

The war brought heartache to every family. Many fathers defend our land from the aggressor with a weapon in their hands. That’s why Father’s Day is exceptional this year.

Parents are the closest people in the whole world to us. “Dad” and “Mom” are the first words we say. Father’s Day is an appreciation for the unconditional care, understanding and love that only a relative can give.

Becoming a father is a great blessing. Being a father is a great responsibility. To be a good father is a great job. It is a joy to have a good, attentive, caring father, protector and friend. It’s the motivation to keep moving and working, having an example to follow. It is the desire never to disappoint, never to let down.

According to New World tradition, the symbol of Father’s Day is roses, which are worn near the heart, pinned on clothing: red ones if Dad is alive, white ones if he has left this world.

On this day I join in congratulating our fathers. May they be with us as long as possible, so that we can enjoy and take care of them, love them and communicate with them, because we do not always have this opportunity.

Today I thank my dad for the most precious and treasured thing – his upbringing, knowledge, principles, character, the habit of never giving up and always fighting till the end.

I thank all fathers who are now fighting the enemy for their children’s future and the freedom of our land.

Come back alive!

Thank you for the lives you have given and saved!


Герб Молдови

Honorary consul of the Republic of Moldova
Mykola Skrypkovskyi