The Government of the Republic of Moldova has sent Ukraine a batch of humanitarian aid

The Government of the Republic of Moldova sent to Ukraine on April 3 the first tranche of a humanitarian aid package worth 24 million lei (1.2 million euros), based on a decision approved by the Commission for Emergency Situations. Prime Minister Nataliya Gavrylytsia traveled to the Ukrainian city of Mohyliv-Podilskyi ( Vinnytsia region) to hand over the aid.

“This aid is a gesture of support by the people of the Republic of Moldova for the Ukrainian people. From the first day of the war, the entire society mobilized to help the thousands of people hidden in our country. Despite the fact that the Republic of Moldova has many problems, we consider it absolutely necessary to help our Ukrainian neighbors who are going through a very difficult period,” said Prime Minister Nataliya Gavrylytsia.

“From 16,000 police officers, rescuers, firefighters and policemen, we have sent words of support to our colleagues in Ukraine. Those who are now fighting for peace can have peace of mind for their families who are in Moldova, for their children, for those who are just taking their first steps, and for those who are learning their first words. For all of us, the word “Peace” has the highest value. With all we have, we will help in any way we can,” said Minister of Internal Affairs Anna Revenko.

The package included items provided by the following institutions:

  • Ministry of Labor and Social Protection: bedding, hygiene kits for women and children, disinfectants, bedding, diapers and bath kits, as well as food with a long shelf life worth about 430 thousand euros;
  • The General Inspectorate of Emergencies: family hygiene kits, sleeping bags, mattresses, blankets, pillows, gloves and surgical masks and other goods worth over 230 thousand euros;
  • Ministry of Health: medicines, consumables and medical equipment worth more than 150,000 euros;
  • Material Reserves Agency: consumables and medical equipment, stations and electric pumps amounting to more than 370 thousand euros;
  • Household agents: food and necessities amounting to 15,700 euros.

From Vinnytsia, seven truckloads of food will be distributed to the needs of institutions from different villages and cities in Ukraine. The second batch of humanitarian aid is planned to be sent to Ukraine in the near future.