Proclamation of the Declaration on State Sovereignty of Ukraine

Expressing the will of the people of Ukraine, striving to create a democratic society, based on the needs of comprehensive provision of human rights and freedoms, recognizing the need to build a legal state, Ukraine declares state sovereignty.

The adoption of the Declaration is one of the most significant events in the history of modern Ukraine.

The Declaration laid down the principles on which we built our country. Subsequently, these principles were enshrined in the Constitution and laws of Ukraine. Today, Ukraine is changing very rapidly, but there are truths that must remain inviolable. Every citizen should follow them, we should protect them both with the help of diplomacy and with weapons in hand.

The strength of the national spirit and unity in defining historical moments helped us overcome all difficulties on the way to building and strengthening statehood. Ukraine defended its sovereignty in 1990 and is still defending it 33 years later.

I congratulate everyone on this important holiday and wish victory, peace and prosperity in independent, sovereign Ukraine!



Герб Молдови

Honorary consul of the Republic of Moldova
Mykola Skrypkovskyi