Kherson has been liberated!

“Kherson has been liberated.” We hoped every day to hear those words. And we were so afraid it would be years before they were uttered.
Perhaps today none of Ukrainians can hold back tears, formulate their thoughts and describe their feelings, because only these words – “Kherson has been liberated” – are in their mind.

The hero city, unconquered and forever free.

Kherson was liberated by our soldiers, who are now protecting future generations from Russian occupation. Thanks to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the yellow and blue flag of freedom, dignity and honor flies over Kherson.

Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Kherson partisans and civilians who believed, waited and fought!

Eternal memory and respect to the dead, tortured and innocently killed. Let us remember the price of today’s joy.

Generally it is the case that the “Great Times” have already happened. Far before you, once upon a time, a long time ago. And the “Great Men” are already gone. And the “Great Events” are past. And only once in a thousand years is it possible to see the Great Times right here, right along with you. And those fairy tale giants and heroes are your friends, neighbors, colleagues, classmates. And even you yourself are part of these Great Times.

Now, that’s exactly how it is, and those are the Times!

The news of Kherson’s liberation came on a day when the whole world was commemorating the anniversary of the end of World War I and honoring those who had died during that war.

1943 – Kherson was liberated from the Nazis.
2022 – Kherson is liberated from the Russians.