Happy Ukrainian Statehood Day!

“I am the People, whose Truth force

has not yet been fought by anyone.

What misfortune, what plague mowed me down! –

and the power has blossomed again.”

These piercing words burst out of the soul and heart of the great poet Tychyna 78 years ago. At the time of another war. But they are so poignant, as if spoken right now.

The events of recent months have become for us, though not a declared war, but a real war: the borders of a sovereign country have been violated, cities and villages have been razed to the ground, thousands of people have been killed. It may go down in history as the Great Patriotic War of the twenty-second year. The war against external aggression. For Ukraine, for its freedom, for its statehood.

In the severe and grueling battles the new Ukrainian army was born. It is strong not only in weapons and skills, but also in a powerful patriotic spirit. The phrase “defender of the Motherland” is no longer an abstract ritual expression. It is filled with specific content. Courage and heroism, valor and self-sacrifice, desperate bravery and military brotherhood our soldiers demonstrate every day, every hour, every moment. The truth about their victory will be engraved in golden letters into Ukrainian military history.

We have proved the ability to defend our state. Only at the cost of colossal efforts of all our people we will be able to defend our statehood, life and security of everyone, our right to live freely on our Ukrainian land.

The battle for Ukraine will surely end in our Victory thanks to national solidarity multiplied by the courage and heroism of our warriors.

The holiday of Ukraine’s Statehood is like Christmas for us in terms of solemnity and excitement. Because it is the birth of a new country. Ukraine.

Happy Ukrainian Statehood Day!

Glory to Ukraine!


Герб Молдови

Honorary consul of the Republic of Moldova
Mykola Skrypkovskyi