Happy Ukrainian Peacekeepers Day!

Ukrainian military personnel not only defend their land from the russian aggressor, but also perform tasks in the hottest spots of the world. Participation of our military in international peacekeeping and security operations strengthens the reputation of Ukraine as a reliable partner in the world arena.

Over the years of independence more than 45 thousand servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine have performed tasks of peacekeeping and security in more than 25 international operations in different regions of the world and in 18 countries. At present our peacekeepers take part in two international peacekeeping operations under the auspices of the UN and NATO as a part of two national contingents.

Ukraine is currently a “hot spot” on the planet, where Warriors are making colossal efforts to hold back the occupiers. We understand the true value of the peacekeeping mission and the people who carry it out. The peacekeeping mission is now the task of the entire civilized world!

Today we honor Ukrainian peacekeepers, thank them for  exemplary performance of their duties, fidelity to the oath, courage and bravery .

We mourn the heroes who died protecting others.


Герб Молдови

Honorary consul of the Republic of Moldova
Mykola Skrypkovskyi