Happy Rescuer's Day!

There is such a profession – always be the first one there, where help is needed. On September 17, Ukraine honors the people standing on guard of life and safety.

I congratulate State Emergency Service employees on their professional holiday – Rescuer’s Day.

“To Prevent. To save. To help” is the slogan of Ukrainian rescuers. Courageous, professional, strong in spirit people maintaining a permanent combat readiness to fight the disaster.

By day and night you are on duty, promptly responding to the calls of people in trouble. What is a feat for ordinary men, for you is a regular day-to-day work, requiring great dedication, courage and organization.

Thanks for the confidence you can always be relied upon. Thank you for your readiness for self-sacrifice and hard-heartedness every day in the face of adversity. Public recognition and respect serve as a reward for this hard and dangerous work.

Our dear heroes! Please accept these words of sincere gratitude for your labor, professionalism and devotion to duty!

I wish peace, health and strength to you and your families. And less alarming trips!


Герб Молдови

Honorary consul of the Republic of Moldova
Mykola Skrypkovskyi