Happy Power Engineer Day!

Since the end of February, our country has been fighting for its sovereignty. For the right to determine our own future.

Power engineers, miners, and gas workers are defending the future of our country.

All those who work in mines and generating facilities, who repair power lines destroyed by war, and who extract gas for the country – all are heroes! They continue to hold the punch and the defense at their front in order to ensure the uninterrupted functioning of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure.

Repair crews return light to Ukrainians’ homes while working under enemy fire. Every day, energy titans go out into the fields and lift supports, extinguish burning transformers and restart power in cities and villages.

Thanks to the hard and selfless work of power engineers today there is light and heat inside our homes. This profession was chosen by them consciously, as their life’s mission. And now their work, as never before, is important for all Ukrainians.

Our dear heroes! Please accept these words of sincere gratitude for your daily exploits, professionalism and devotion to duty!

I wish peace, health, and strength to you and your families!

AFU defeats the enemy, power engineers defeat the darkness.


Герб Молдови

Honorary consul of the Republic of Moldova
Mykola Skrypkovskyi