European Council announces start of accession talks with Ukraine and Moldova

14 December was the day of a strategic decision and a day that will remain inscribed in the history of the European Union, Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova. This is a great achievement for both countries on the path to European integration! The decision of the European Union to start accession negotiations is not only a historic moment, but also a strategic step for the future well-being of our countries.

We are passing an important stage on our way to victory, and this decision only confirms the resilience of our people and their inexhaustible strength. With this step, the EU leaders show that we will not be left alone in this difficult war, and together we will overcome all difficulties. Let this day be a symbol of hope and future success together.

Moldova, this is also your victory, and we are very happy with you. May this new stage open the door to new opportunities and development for your country.

May this day be another great step towards peace, prosperity and European unity.
Best wishes,

Герб Молдови

Honorary consul of the Republic of Moldova
Mykola Skrypkovskyi