Donetsk Airport Defenders Memorial Day

There is a name for indestructibility, bravery, heroism and superhuman efforts – “cyborgs.”

On January 16, Ukraine honors defenders who held the defense of Donetsk airport for 242 days – from May 26, 2014 to January 22, 2015.

For their fortitude, fearlessness and invincibility the defenders of DAP were called “cyborgs”, and the outpost of Ukrainian cyborgs became a symbol of Ukrainian courage. Our soldiers once again proved that Ukrainian spirit and desire to live in a free country cannot be destroyed by anyone.

Eternal memory to the fallen defenders of Donetsk airport. We will never forget or forgive the enemy, we will not change what we believe in and fight for. We will restore DAP, and on its high control tower will always be flying the yellow and blue flag, which the “cyborgs” raised again and again under bullets and shells.

You are true legends and the best example for those who defend Ukraine.
You have stood where concrete failed, and even your enemy recognized your indestructibility.
You have held the last outpost.

I am proud to know personally one of Donetsk airport defenders who is a member of our staff. Unfortunately, due to Russia’s new aggression our hero is not nearby, he is back on the battlefield – protecting his native land of Ukraine.

Glory to the Heroes!
Heroes do not die!