Congratulations on the Day of embroidery!

Today it is more pleasant than ever to see so many people wearing embroidery. The whole world has put on our national clothing to demonstrate the support for the Ukrainian people in the fight for freedom and independence.

Today everyone knows that Ukraine is brave and indomitable, and its people are free and invincible.

Wearing embroidery, with all your heart and soul you feel the peculiarity of Ukrainian roots, you are filled with faith and optimism. Vyshyvanka is not just clothes, it is a unique feature of Ukrainian people, a symbol of a prosperous and free Ukraine.

On the Day of embroidery I would like to wish Peace and harmony in your homes and hearts, prosperity to our Motherland!

Everything will be UKRAINE!


Герб Молдови

Honorary Сonsul of the Republic of Moldova
Mykola Skrypkovskyi